Eating Disorders

Eating disorders involve food as a symbol for a deeper concern, a struggle with the inner self and the outer world. Who am I? What do I really want? How can I find true nourishment? Feelings of “being fat” may really mean feeling worthless, unattractive, or out of control. Our culture obsesses with outer beauty and thinness while killing the inner soul. It links “fatness” with unrelated, undesirable qualities.

Learn to trust your inner self and achieve joyful eating and peace with food with the compassionate leadership of Alice Baland, MA, LPC, RD/LD. Alice’s intensive training as both a psychotherapist and dietitian will afford you keen insight into the psychological, emotional, cultural, familial, and social reasons for being stuck in an eating disorder, such as binge eating, bulimia, compulsive, emotional or stress eating and weight gain.

Alice’s individual phone coaching, in-person counseling, and self-paced home study program features a multifaceted non-diet approach that frees you to become happier, more self-confident and not afraid of food or eating.. Enjoy structure and flexibility, learn what makes you eat and behave the way you do, and create solutions that can end your struggle with weight and dieting. After all, you deserve life’s best!

“To learn more, just give me a call at 469-737-5455 and we’ll chat. I look forward to showing you how to break free from your eating disorder, obsessing with weight and food, and have more energy, health and confidence.” Alice