Sessions by Phone Nationwide

Do you want to stop bingeing faster and feel in control or your eating and life soon? I will personalize a program just for you.

I do nationwide phone sessions to fit your schedule and budget. Imagine the sense of freedom and confidence you’ll feel when you are able to put binge eating behind you.

What will phone sessions do for you? It involves my proprietary system of binge eating recovery. I’ll personalize a plan just for you. Together we’ll determine what you want to change and how you want to be when bingeing is no longer a problem. We’ll start with a personal nutrition plan to help stop food cravings and give you energy when you need it. I’ll take your lifestyle and preferences into consideration. I’ll teach you ways to change the way you think about food, eating, problems, and stresses. I’ll show you how to deal with difficult people, feelings, and situations in a much healthier way. This will give you confidence in yourself and raise your self-worth. That’s just the beginning! We’ll refine your plan with each phone call. I’ll recommend some books and resources for you. In-between sessions, you can email me questions and I’ll make suggestions until we talk again.

How do you get started? Just give me a call at 469-737-5455. We’ll have a get-acquainted chat so I can discover what you specifically want to work on.

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