Success Stories

Christine’s story:
Eating Disorder, Healing and Perfectionism

“For about 5 years my daughter has struggled off and on with being a Perfectionist, and becoming obsessive compulsive about different things. In the past 4 years there have been several times that it has become such a problem that it has thrown her into an eating disorder, then she loses a lot of weight and can’t think straight. She would either cry all the time or be angry and hateful to everyone and everything. Mostly because it was just so hard to be perfect at everything and she hated herself when she couldn’t be perfect at everything.

“Over the years I’ve known we needed help and Alice has been the 4th counselor we have gone to. No one seemed to understand what we were talking about until Alice came into our lives and she was able to recognize where the problems were and give her concrete things to work on and how to deal with the stress and help her learn to love and accept herself. She also recognized that we needed a little extra help with some medication for a while and she helped us find a doctor who worked well with people with this kind of issue.

“I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made in our lives. I feel like I have my daughter back! We can all smile now. We look forward to being with her instead of walking on egg shells all the time. She is so grateful to feel better too! She has the tools now to stop obsessing over things. She has learned to eat a little when she feels hungry so she doesn’t get starving and then binge. She is still learning to use the tools she has been given to help her during stressful times. But she is making progress and we only wish we had found Alice and been able to get the help we now have years ago!

“On our first visit both of us were crying most of the time. It is so hard to have a child that sad and to be a child that sad. But on our most recent visit, I was the only one to cry and it was out of total happiness that my daughter is so much better. Thank you Alice for helping my sweet daughter get her life back.”

Karen from Dallas:

“This is Karen from Dallas. Alice has helped me conquer and overcome my binge eating and compulsive eating in so many ways.

“She combines psychotherapy with dietary changes to have a comprehensive program to help people. She has changed my life in so many ways.

“Everything about my life is happier and better. I’m very appreciative for everything she’s done.

“Because of Alice’s skill I now have better coping strategies, such as keeping a list of what is bothering me and EFT when I get stressed. I have a better life perspective and think of happy things to come. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Lately I’ve had less stress in my job and have a better sense of things. I’m able to talk with Alice and others in my support system and ask for the help that I need.

“If I feel paranoid about getting fat again when I occasionally overeat, I’m much better able to get back on the right path again. I have much more self-confidence than I did several months ago.

“When I’m anxious, unhappy, or stressed with life, I’m now able to figure out why more often, know what my feelings are, and apply the strategies I’ve learned from Alice to help me get through my days without bingeing or compulsive eating.

“I’m feeling proud of myself, my weight and my body and receiving compliments from my boyfriend and friends. And I don’t obsess about weight so much anymore. I’m also able to ask for what I need from others more often without feeling terrified of their response.”

Suzanne Goll from the East Coast:

“Alice helped me achieve the goals I had around nutrition and balanced eating…”

Norman Payson, Plano, Texas:

“I did not even need gastric by-pass surgery after all! My wife and I are both glad about this.”

Linda from Plano:

“If I ever need someone to help me, I always think of her first, because I know that I’m going to receive the help that I need, and she is so good at listening and offering that to me.”

Olga from Dallas:

“I now see the warning signs and react positively to them. Thank you, Alice, for all your help.”

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