What is the BEST TREATMENT for Binge Eating Disorder?

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The worst treatment is to start yet another diet, restrict calories and favorite foods, skip meals, and hide your pain and problems from others who are safe. This only plunges one further into despair, panic, and bingeing.

Treatment needs to be individualized for each person, because there are different root causes, life circumstances, daily stresses, triggers, ways of unconsciously or consciously hiding the problem, and supportive or difficult people involved.

An important initial treatment involves quickly implementing a personalized nutrition and eating plan every day. A key professional planner is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian who is specifically trained in treating Binge Eating Disorder and other eating disorders. Ask about his or her education, training, experience, and years in practice. You do not want a diet.

Another essential treatment involves recognizing the triggers and reasons for bingeing in the first place and decoding them into a language that’s understandable and reasonable for you.

What’s another treatment for binge eating disorder? Learning and practicing new skills for managing scary feelings, stress, people, and situations (present, past, and future) is an important treatment. Be sure to hire a highly trained professional who specializes in treating binge eating and other eating disorders. This person sould be at least a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas with a Master’s degree in Counseling, and have specialized ongoing training and education in this area. Ask for credentials.

Treatment for binge eating disorder includes skills training in cognitive and behavioral areas, stress management, time management, dealing with difficult people, learning boundaries, such as how to say no, practicing good self care and not feeling guilty about it, managing sexuality, gaining self-esteem and self-confidence, replacing pessimism with optimism and positivity, and setting limits and reasonable goals in all areas of life.

Again, treatment for out of control bingeing and compulsive overeating needs to be personalized for you and your situation. You really do deserve quality care and help from a professional you can trust, who’s warm, caring, compassionate, highly trained and educated, and able to help you get well sooner. It’s important to connect with and feel comfortable with your therapist.

Curious about how to get started with the right treatment for you? Ask me. What makes me different, better and more effective than many others is that I’m BOTH a psychotherapist and dietitian, AND I specialize in BINGE EATING. I have a proprietary, personalized system to guide you through the recovery process so that you feel confident, have inner peace and are in control of your eating and your life. I’ve written several books and programs in this area so you’ll have more resources. I want you to shine. You’ll love the sense of freedom from bingeing, the energy you have to really live your life to the fullest, and the joy of discovering and using your own special gifts.

I offer in-office therapy and nationwide phone sessions. Let me help you end your struggle with binge eating and gain control over your life. My phone number is 469‑737‑5455. When you call, we’ll start with a short, get-acquainted chat.

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